Cool Website Designs You’ll Be Glad To See

Cool Website Designs

Having an attractive and intuitive website design is a critical factor in your website’s overall success. A usable design is as important as the aesthetics as well and should not be overlooked. An attractive site will initially attract the attention of your visitors but ensuring that they can easily use the site will make sure they continue to explore.

Check out these great examples of cool website designs to help you get ideas and inspiration. These websites have been handpicked due to the nature of their designs and we feel they illustrate several quality design implementations. You can view enlarged images of the sites and visit the sites themselves as well. Have fun looking and we hope you find some great ideas.

The website has some really impressive effects that are all implemented using features of CSS. The site depicts images of 30 endangered species of animals that are colorfully animated using the power of CSS

Iguana page of website

The Boat is a cool interactive story that unfolds as you scroll down the page. Created using parallax effects, it features sound, text and images that are revealed when moving down the page. Or, click the auto scroll button at the bottom of the page and watch as everything is automatically presented for you

the boat by

This site has a cool split screen layout with navigation in the center of the screen which give the site a very symmetrically balanced feel. It boasts a cool scrolling affect when navigating from page to page.

Main page for

Not only does this fit the bill for cool website designs, but the product that it is demonstrating is totally cool itself. Learn all about it as you scroll down the page. Information and animations unfold as you go.

Basic instructions for the product

This site utilizes the HTML5 canvas element to create some really cool effects. There is much to explore as you move the mouse around the page. Audio, images and video are revealed which makes for an entertaining experience.

Main page for jviewz

The Costa Coffee site utilizes a parallax effect that adds depth to the page. The parallax effect can be seen as you move your mouse back and forth across the page.

Costa Coffee Website

The Zizzi restaurant website has a nice use of textures. A light wood texture is utilized in the background and the menu page itself looks like a lined piece of paper. Subtle shadowing gives a nice feeling of depth to the page.

Zizzi restaurant menu

The Sensisoft website utilizes flash to create a really nice experience overall. There is subtle background audio and navigation is facilitated from the pillar in the center of the page. Navigating to another page reveals a whole new scene and navigation options.

sensisoft about us page

This website that promotes the Sasquatch festival is very colorful and has a very subtle parallax effect on the background stars that is noticed when scrolling down the page. This site is highly optimized for viewing on varying device sizes via its responsive design implementation. has cool website designs

You can just about smell the smoke coming off of this brisket at the 4 Rivers Smokehouse website. It has a very vivid background video that will get your taste buds going for some authentic BBQ.

4 Rivers Smokehouse Website