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A very nice WordPress blog theme using a responsive grid-style layout to display posts on the main blog page.  This theme has some really great features such as a simple child theme creation feature and easy translation management.

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GridBlog Theme by MyThemeShop


The GridBlog theme by MyThemeShop is a very nice, responsive blog theme that uses a grid-style layout to display posts on the main blog page and is offered for free at

Customization Options:

GridBlog offers many options for making this theme your own.  All of the following settings can be adjusted from within the theme options page of the administrator page.

GridBlog Admin Theme Options

General Settings:

Set and update images for your Logo, Favicon, Touch icon and Metro icon.  Set your Twitter name, input Header code and specify the copyright text for your site.  You can also edit pagination or turn off/on responsive features, pre-fetching and right to left language support.

Styling Options:

Color scheme, sidebar layout, background image and background color are all customizable .  Footer Widgets can be enabled or disabled and custome CSS can be inserted.


Show, or hide, the primary navigation menu or the site logo.


Features of the home page can be highly customized.  Individual categories can be set to display or the latest posts.  Change the number of posts that are displayed on the homepage and decide if you want some post meta info, no post meta info, or all of it.

Single Posts:

Easily organize the element on the post page.  Add, remove and change the order of the post content, related posts, author box and meta information.

Social Buttons:

Enable or disable social media buttons for all of the most popular social media sites and change where they appear on the page.


Create a highly customized experience with these custom sidebars.  Define custom sidebars for different sections of your site or even specify per post.


Navigation settings are adjusted from the menu section in the admin panel.


Easily handle translations with the theme translation panel.

Import / Export:

Import and export the options for your theme.  You can also create a child theme for your site with the click of a button; very nice!

GridBlog Child Theme Creation


Another great feature of this theme are the widgets that come along with it.  Add a Facebook ‘Like’ box, choose from several different sized ads, related or recent posts, and so on.

GridBlog Widgets

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