So, What Is Interaction Design?

interaction designSo, what is interaction design? It is a process of creating digital products – for the short version. It allows the web designer to transform your site into a strategic marketing tool, for as you well know SEO maintenance is a vital aspect to assuring the best use of your advertising budget.

When developing your website, keep in mind several things, such as, is it easy to read, is it visually exciting, do the links work, and how user friendly is the site? If the average person has to wait for your site to load, they will decide to go to the next merchant. I’ts similar to shopping for a suit; does the salesperson approach the person immediately, or take their time to help.

Keep Your Users In Mind

You want your site to be so user friendly that a novice can get through the interface on your site with ease. There are literally millions of sites out there, so what are you going to do differently to bring traffic to your page? What are some items that you may want to include? Do you want a voice or music? What colors do you want to use and do you have a logo that you want to advertise?

All of these and many more are basic questions that go into the design of your site. If a link is not working on your page, you will automatically lose those customers, even some that may have made a preliminary decision to work with you. The level of immediacy and time are so necessary to keep in mind when working with a new or a repeat customer.

Keep Your Website In Mind

In this day and age, if a business does not have a webpage, then it is certain doom. Choosing the keywords that are going to bring the customer straight to you is always necessary.

Interaction design is going to allow the customer to work with you before actually making the decision to work with your company, so a well-working and well-maintained site are ways to ensure business. It is your face to the customer, your manners, and your intelligence. Keeping all of this in mind, you are sure to spark someone’s curiosity.

Many people are visual these days and they don’t want to have to search for a way to leave information or retrieve part of the site. Being able to “move” around easily and quickly through clicks will be attractive to your customer. There is nothing more aggravating then forms that don’t work, as people will give up immediately and move onto the next website¬†every time.

interaction design is displayed on this tablet computer

Something to keep in mind is the way the site is arranged. What information are you looking for and what information are they looking for and how can both of these goals be met in the shortest period of time. Do you have a headquarters that the customer will be contacted through immediately? Getting the client to use the site for their advantage is also useful to you when thinking of how to keep your site simple and friendly to use.

Keep Your Customer In Mind

Knowing who your customer is will provide your opportunity to win them over. Is your site set up for a techie or is it set up for the blue collar worker? You have to be aware of all the possible options and know who your customer is in order to manage the countless decisions that you will need to make when creating your interactive webpage.

Understanding your customer is the key to success. You absolutely need to arrange your site in such a way that it is informative and easy for someone to use.

Let’s look at an example. If you are designing a site for tools, then you want to have excellent pictures of tools, an easy way to get to the description, price and availability. You may have some visuals that will catch the attention of carpenters, electricians and plumbers. You are not going to put things on your site that you do not personally carry, because that will be the item that someone asks you about. You want to be sure that all of these links are working at all times and leaving someone guessing about prices can lead to sudden death.

Simple, clean, easy, good keywords, interesting graphics and links that work are all positive aspects of well-planned interaction design. Your customer will be pleasantly surprised to get all the information that they need to make the right decision for them. Remember, the interactive design of your website is the first conversation that they have with you, so make them feel confident and make sure you smile.