The Best HTML5 Editor is at Your Fingertips

best html5 editorFinding the best HTML5 editor for your needs may not be as easy as it sounds.  There are many options available and each has varying features.  There are free and premium versions available, some of which run from a browser while others are installed on your computer.  We have compiled several of the best HTML5 editors and broken them down to highlight some of their features in the hopes that it will help you to find the best HTML5 editor for your needs.

Choices For Best HTML5 Editor


Html Pad HTML5 Editor

HTMLPad is a lightweight, yet full featured HTML5, CSS and JavaScript software editor.  It offers many great features that you would expect in professional editing software such as syntax highlighting, HTML/ JavaScript and CSS validation, FTP/SFTP/FTPS support for editing directly on your server, and many more.  Preview your work as you go using the built-in split-screen browser preview.  HTMLPad is completely customizable so you can adjust menus, shortcut keys, toolbars and more all to suit your needs.  Some of the HTML5 editing features include HTML auto complete, tag matching and an advanced HTML color picker.

An HTMLPad license will run you $35.95 for non-commercial uses or $49.95 for the professional license.  They do offer a free trial that allows you to launch the software 30 times before making a decision to buy it or not.


Netbeans HTML5 Editor

Netbeans is a full featured IDE that supports many programming languages and has great support for HTML5 development.  This IDE will speed up your HTML5 development through the use of templates which contain a base of HTML, JavaScript and CSS files in which to start your project with.  Simply create your project based on a template, then modify the files as needed while developing your project.

Netbeans Form FactorNetbeans contains the standard features that you would expect in an HTML5 editor such as code hinting, code highlighting and auto indenting.  Netbeans offers excellent integration with the Chrome browser and also has its own built-in WebKit browser.  What this means is that you can view changes to your code in real-time in Chrome or the built-in browser so you can see instantly what your page will look like.
This integration seriously aids in responsive web design by allowing you to select from a drop-down menu from the browser to change the form factor.  Best of all, Netbeans software is open source and free to use.



silex best html5 editor

Silex is a web based WYSIWYG style editor that allows you to easily see how your edits are turning out on your web pages.  There is no software to install on your computer since Silex runs in your browser.  To create with Silex, simply select and drag containers, html and text areas to your desired location on the page.  Insert images and move everything around to suit your needs.  Your files and data are easily saved via Dropbox or FTP.  There are a number of widgets available to add functionality and features as well.

The HTML Editor

The Best HTML Editor

Available from, The HTML Editor is a popular choice for new and advanced users alike.  It allows you to start a project from scratch or from an existing layout or theme; you can also open a project that already exists on the Web.  The HTML Editor offers a components library which allows you to reuse common code such as headers and footers across your websites pages.  Updating a common piece of code in the components library then applies the changes site-wide which makes broad website changes a snap.

The HTML Editor offers code completion which automatically suggests tags as you go as well as CSS selectors.  It has a built-in code validation tool to make checking your code a piece of cake.  There is a split-screen preview page to allow you see your changes as you make them.  This editor also eases the addition of structured data on your website which should help you in your SEO efforts.

The full version of the HTML Editor will run you 69 bucks.  They do offer a free trial of their full version as well as a free version.


Liveweave HTML5 editor

Liveweave is a web based application so there’s no software to download and install on your computer.  It offers a very easy to use interface for writing and testing HTML5, as well as CSS and JavaScript.  The interface is straight forward and intuitive.  It is initially separated into four sections; one each for entering code for HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and one to view your output.  Each section can easily be expanded for full screen viewing.

There are several integrated CSS and JavaScript libraries that are very simple to work with.  Simply select from the library drop-down menu found at the top of the screen and the library is instantly added to your project.  Liveweave also offers features such as code-hinting and auto-completion to make coding your next project even easier.  Projects are easy to save and to download.  Liveweave also offers a built-in tool for online collaboration on projects.  Liveweave doesn’t cost anything to use, just point your browser to and get developing.

In Summary

These HTML5 editors all offer great features to aid in your website development projects.  You will have to be the judge when it comes to which one is the best HTML5 editor, however.  It will depend on the needs for your project and whether you want to install software on your computer or work from an editor that’s integrated into an internet browser.  Take a look at these editors to see what they have to offer and hopefully you’ll find one that works great for your needs.